About us

Welcome aboard to WOWNOW.

Wownow is ‘YOUR SPACE’ where you can be yourself and take guidance for loving happy relationships. It would be my pleasure to hold your hand till the hand of your loved one is tugging back heartstrings and hands alike! As very rightly said:

“A true relationship is two non-perfect people refusing to give up on each other”

Every relationship has its own beauty and textures. Apparently, at some point in life, there will always be ‘those testing times’ when things, your partner, circumstances and people make this very marriage a challenge. Relax, there are always solutions to problems that work when you work on them gently and diligently.

When you recognize there are ‘differences causing pain’ and now that you have decided to do something about it, you have half won the battle! Bravo!


Wownow offers marriage counseling services, with a focus on marital stress and marriage communication counseling. Wownow is headed by Prriety Agrawwal, a practicing psychologist and marriage counselor. She is certified to help couples through tough times, and she finds it very rewarding to guide them so that their hands and hearts become one again.

Wownow has worked with couples to bring back harmony and love in their lives, through guided couple counseling. For Prriety Agrawwal, psychology has been a subject she not only loves but which has also helped her understand better all the little things that make or break beautiful relationships.

Think of marriage counseling as a way to bring back the fun, frolic and feeling that we sometimes forget or overlook in this fast-paced life. Sometimes, all we need to do is recover, forgive, and just be there for each other.

"Marriage is a beautiful bond of togetherness. No matter how digitally advanced we are, we will always need family, a partner, to share our joys and griefs. All the wealth and success mean nothing if you have no one to share it with! Do not give up on your marriage for trivial issues!" - Prriety Agrawwal (Wownow Founder & Psychologist)