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Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Reasons to Seek Mood Swings

You feel joyous one moment and extremely sad the other. It’s okay if it happens once in a while. But, if it happens frequently and interferes with your daily routine, you require professional help. This is where the online mood swings counselling service by WowNow comes to the rescue. The expert psychiatrists will understand your situation and identify its root cause. You will receive online therapy for mood swings -- helping you lead a life free of sudden changes in your emotional state.

How mood swings treatment in Mumbai works

After identifying the reason behind changes in your mood, the therapist helps you develop coping strategies. This is done via online conference tools.

You learn different techniques to identify the mood swing as it happens with you.

During this time, you apply the methods that the therapist teaches you during the session. As a result, you start focusing on the present moment. If required, the therapist will also prescribe medications that help you regain emotional balance.

Mood Swings Therapist in Mumbai
Mood Swings Services

How the mood swings therapists identify the Issue?

The mood swings therapists from Mumbai learn about your medical history in detail. They also perform an assessment to learn about your lifestyle, home environment, work environment, and other factors affecting your behavior.

If this primary assessment doesn’t provide them with enough data, they might advise physical examination. This is to rule the possibilities of brain disease, thyroid, or any other disease that results in mood swings.

When should I consult a mood swings therapist in Mumbai?

If you experience a shift in the mood very rarely, you need not worry. A short period of sadness isn’t also a reason to worry. The symptoms alleviate automatically. A few minutes of meditation or deep breathing can help.

If you notice that such emotional shifts have increased, you might require mood swings counselling services in Mumbai.

In such situations, the individuals cannot go to work, get proper sleep, or meet their friends. In many cases, getting out of bed is also difficult. Some people with this issue have uncontrollable urges to try risky things, spend too much money, or confront people.

Why Mood Swings Happen

There are many reasons behind rapid mood shifts. In many cases, an imbalance of brain chemicals is the brain. It might also signal the presence of mental health issues like bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression.

A lifestyle shift also results in mood swings. For example, when you move to a city or change your job. The new environment can make you feel overwhelmed. This is when you start experiencing mood swings.

Some other reasons can be improper sleep patterns, work-life imbalance, improper diet, or a side effect of medication. When you get mood swings therapy in Mumbai, you can identify the exact reason.

Essential tips to get the best treatment

To get the results from online mood swings counselling services, follow these essential tips:

  • Share information with the therapist honestly
  • List down the problems to explain them better
  • Follow the treatment only as guided
  • Note down the changes that appear throughout treatment
  • Follow-up as advised

Is online counselling better than rehabs?

If the condition of the patient is serious, the therapists will recommend visiting a rehab. But, if it can be treated online, they offer counselling sessions via laptop or computer screen. An advantage of online counselling is that you need not stay at a new place (rehab) during the treatment. Instead, you can continue with your routine life while following the treatment that the therapist has recommended.

Compared to rehabs and on-house treatments, online counselling for addiction is economical. You pay only for the session that the therapist conducts. There are no room rents or nurse charges.

Tips for the best results (For Patients)

  • Be honest when sharing your medical & general information
  • Stick to the treatment without missing anything
  • Make sure a friend or family member knows about your treatment
  • Ask questions if you don’t get any point

Tips for the best results (For guardians)

  • Avoid scolding or criticizing your loved ones in case of recurrence
  • List down the points you want to share and ask
  • Note down the changes in the addictive behaviour
  • Explain to them the benefits of counselling without forcing it on them
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