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Marriage Counselling and Psychiatric Counselling services in Mumbai

Your life is precious! Don’t let the fears and anxieties ruin its quality.

Some traumas from the past make it difficult to manage the present. Sometimes, you need someone to listen to the constant chatter of mind that makes you restless. Or, you need a third- party to resolve the challenges that regularly arise in your relationship.

The online marriage counselling sessions from WowNow will help you get rid of these life and relationship issues. The team of psychologists and psychiatrists from this centre are on the mission to help maximum individuals like you lead a regular and fulfilling life. Through online counselling sessions, they understand your issue in detail and provide a treatment that matches your issue. They don’t just offer hope. They offer solutions you can rely upon.

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OnlineCounselling Marriage Counselor in Mumbai


Discover each other in a new light For many more happy moments to come!

Online Marriage Consultant in Mumbai

Marriage Counselling

We believe love relationship is no barter. Love is forever enduring and unconditional. It is not meant for creating anxiety. Distress in marriage relation breaks you down. Your dreams and aspirations are damaged. You desperately need someone to talk to.

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Best Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai

Psychiatric Counselling

Dealing with mental health issues is DIFFICULT! The sense of fear and irritation that lingers without any reason. The difficulty to get a sound sleep. Inability to connect with others. All these issues can make one feel lonely and depressed. You are not ALONE! Wownow is there as a helping hand for you.

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Does counselling really work?

Many couples have gained valuable insights about each other. They have made their bonds stronger and long-lasting with these sessions. Numerous people suffering from psychological disorders have seen a massive improvement in their lives. They felt more positive than ever before. A lot of parents consider the counselling sessions a boon for their children who suffered from learning disabilities, autism, and issues like stuttering.

Couple Counselling Services in Mumbai
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Consultant Psychiatric

Each of our psychologists holds a masters degree in psychology and underwent a very tough screening process.

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Freequently Ask Questions

01. When is the appropriate time to consult you? How long should I wait before consulting you about the situation?

Sooner the better. Sometimes, couples wait too long only to make matters worse and harder to resolve.

02. Can I come alone? I am not sure if my partner would like to join.

Sure, you can be the one to take the first step, doing so you will start experiencing the initial benefits of the modification.

03. How much time does a session take?

It takes about 1 hour per session on an average. Some sessions might extend up to 2 hours.

04. What about confidentiality?

We, at Wownow are very sensitive about this matter and follow strict protocols and standard ethical codes.

05. My friend has a problem! Can i come for in her stead?

No, we appreciate your concern for your friend. But we would have to meet the couple in person.


Happy Couple Got Counselling with us

Your empathy and easy going sessions made it possible for us to overcome our conflicts and look at life in a positive prospective.

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Best Marriage Therapist in Mumbai

Very truly said, 'Sometimes you just need to talk'.

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Relationship Counselor Mumbai

I was very apprehensive before approaching you, but since the day I took that 1st step, life has been unfolding cheerful surprises.

(07 Review)

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