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OCD Problems

OCD Problems

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

A major problem among this generation

Compulsions (compulsions) in OCD are the results of unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions), which in turn lead to repetitive behaviors (obsessions). These obsessions and compulsions cause significant distress because they interfere with normal daily activities.

It is very normal that you ignore the obsessions but ignoring them will ultimately increase the problem of distress and anxiety. There are numerous ways to ignore this problem, but it will constantly return, causing you great stress. This vicious cycle will continue running. Never be embarrassed or ashamed of sharing the problem if you need effective treatment.

Obsession symptoms- check each one of them

It is characterized by obsessive thoughts, unwanted urges, and unwanted thoughts. When you try to do other activities, this type of obsession comes up repeatedly. Some common symptoms are:

  • Fright of contagion or dirt when you touch something
  • Hesitant in speaking something
  • Needing things arranged and regular
  • Some more symptoms are:
  • Losing control immediately or showing aggressive nature
  • Harming themselves or others
  • Unwanted thoughts are the most common symptom
  • Superfluous thoughts, including aggression, or sexual subjects
  • Doubts that you've left something locked or unlocked
  • Avoid situations of coming in contact with anyone
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Severity increases- it’s dangerous

As early as the first month of life, it's possible to identify its symptoms. However, some children do not acknowledge the problem and instead continue to grow and instill it. As the person's age increases, this condition becomes more severe. Moreover, they change as well over time rather than just increasing. Situations become worse as stress increases.

When to see a doctor? Get immediate consultation

Individual treatment differs from one individual to another; some require therapists in addition to medication, while some need only therapists. OCD symptoms can be extremely problematic in real life if they are affecting your daily activities. If you think that these symptoms are affecting your daily activities abnormally, see a therapist or doctor. To ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis, be sure to discuss everything with your therapist.

Get quick and easy online counseling

We have a proficient and professional team of psychologists and psychiatrists that can help you in OCD treatment. The team of experts will counsel you through video calls and will take you out of your problem with their efficient treatment process.

You will be asked to explain the issue you are facing in detail and the doctors with add in your treatment in Mumbai. At the first appointment, the experts will determine the root of the problem and design a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and eating habits. The changes will begin to become apparent by this time, and on every call, they must be discussed.

What is all you need to prepare before counseling?

In order to achieve optimal results, it is important to stay active during the counseling session. The following points should be kept in mind.

  • Pick out your problems and note them down to explain your doctor
  • Don’t hide anything from your therapist
  • Follow the prescription & treatment with full zeal
  • Don’t forget to clear all the doubts during the session
  • When treatment starts, don’t forget to discuss the changes

Is online counselling better than rehabs?

If the condition of the patient is serious, the therapists will recommend visiting a rehab. But, if it can be treated online, they offer counselling sessions via laptop or computer screen. An advantage of online counselling is that you need not stay at a new place (rehab) during the treatment. Instead, you can continue with your routine life while following the treatment that the therapist has recommended.

Compared to rehabs and on-house treatments, online counselling for addiction is economical. You pay only for the session that the therapist conducts. There are no room rents or nurse charges.

Tips for the best results (For Patients)

  • Be honest when sharing your medical & general information
  • Stick to the treatment without missing anything
  • Make sure a friend or family member knows about your treatment
  • Ask questions if you don’t get any point

Tips for the best results (For guardians)

  • Avoid scolding or criticizing your loved ones in case of recurrence
  • List down the points you want to share and ask
  • Note down the changes in the addictive behaviour
  • Explain to them the benefits of counselling without forcing it on them
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