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Reasons to Seek Psychosis

To ensure the proper functioning of the body as a whole, the brain must function efficiently. Psychosis affects the way information is processed in the brain. You lose your ability to remain grounded in reality and instead start believing in things that do not exist. Various factors may cause this symptom to occur, rather than an illness.

Let’s know more about it…

It is a part of schizophrenia that can affect at any time of age. Young people can catch it quickly while the elders might take time. Doctors treat it according to different phases like

  1. The first episode of psychosis – FEP will bring a little change in the way you act and think. It can take days, months, years or life to get treated.
  2. In Secondary psychosis, you get the tendency of losing touch with reality, even if you have never faced its first stage.

They can be treated with medicine and therapies; there is no need to worry about it.

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Psychosis Services

Symptoms of Psychosis- you need to catch them at an early stage

You or your family or close ones can observe some warning signs of psychosis that develop gradually over time; psychosis is not an instant occurrence.

  • Decrease in school/college grades or drop in job performance
  • Reduced concentration power or trouble in thinking
  • Underhandedness or nervousness around others
  • Be deficient in self-care or cleanliness
  • You will love spending maximum time alone than usual hours
  • Sometimes stronger or NO emotions
  • You will hear/see/taste the things that others don’t
  • You will be stuck in your thoughts and beliefs different from others
  • Creating difference and distance from family and friends
  • Hallucinations: It can be of various types like auditory (hearing voices), tactile (strange sensations), visual (see things/people), and delusions (things that make sense only to you).

Causes of Psychosis

  • Most illnesses or diseases are influenced by genetics. There are either big effects or little effects.
  • Drugs are destroyers; try to avoid them as much as possible. They trigger the situation worse.
  • The things and the events you saw in the past, trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, etc. can lead you to this problem.
  • Different head injuries like brain injuries, brain tumors, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, and more can be a major cause of the problem.

Early detection, earlier diagnosis - How is psychosis diagnosed?

During your first appointment, the therapist will evaluate you completely. It is always recommended to go for therapies rather than taking medicines. The therapist will ask you specific questions about your behavior to determine the severity of the problem.

Online therapy can help with depression- Is there any platform for your online treatment?

Advance your excellence of life with the support of wowNow licensed therapists. You can enjoy the treatment from your comfort zone, i.e. your home via a video session. You can ask whatever you want and the whole time of the therapist will be for you only.

Just note these points before your call with the therapist starts.

  • Better be clear with the doubts in your head and note down to ask the therapist
  • Ask everything that you have penned down and share everything
  • Hiding your problems can increase your problem
  • The routine therapist will ask, try to follow everything, and each day routine
  • Discuss everything on the next call, you will be immensely helped.

Is online counselling better than rehabs?

If the condition of the patient is serious, the therapists will recommend visiting a rehab. But, if it can be treated online, they offer counselling sessions via laptop or computer screen. An advantage of online counselling is that you need not stay at a new place (rehab) during the treatment. Instead, you can continue with your routine life while following the treatment that the therapist has recommended.

Compared to rehabs and on-house treatments, online counselling for addiction is economical. You pay only for the session that the therapist conducts. There are no room rents or nurse charges.

Tips for the best results (For Patients)

  • Be honest when sharing your medical & general information
  • Stick to the treatment without missing anything
  • Make sure a friend or family member knows about your treatment
  • Ask questions if you don’t get any point

Tips for the best results (For guardians)

  • Avoid scolding or criticizing your loved ones in case of recurrence
  • List down the points you want to share and ask
  • Note down the changes in the addictive behaviour
  • Explain to them the benefits of counselling without forcing it on them
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