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Marriage Counselling in Mumbai

Marriage Counselling Services

Reasons to Seek Marriage Counselling Services

Unburden your marital problems and free yourself from the emotional baggage, abuse and tensions. Explore the possibility of remediation in marriage.

  • Are you concerned about your relationship with your spouse?
  • Is your marital life moving towards silence and separation?
  • When was it the last time that you were able to laugh together?
  • Do you think there is a lot of interference from your in-laws in your personal affairs?
  • Are you scared that your marriage has lost its meaning is heading to divorce?
  • Facing infidelity issue / extra marital affair?
  • Your religion, social status, or family background is different from your spouse’s, and causes frequent clashes?
  • Have an unresolved issue which you and your partner are not able to fix without fights?
  • Are you a person who feels incomplete when your spouse is not expressive and doesn’t appreciate you enough?
  • Are you a person who feels ignored when your spouse is overly involved with only the household affairs and kids?
  • Are you not comfortable experiencing intimacy with your spouse?
  • Your spouse is not what you thought he/she would be?
Best Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai

We believe love relationship is no barter. Love is forever enduring and unconditional. It is not meant for creating anxiety. Distress in marriage relation breaks you down. Your dreams and aspirations are damaged. You desperately need someone to talk to.

We here at WowNow, practice marriage counselling services in Mumbai. We understand how exasperating it is to see those blues and greys where rosy red was expected. Our marriage counselling therapist are trained to care for vulnerable emotions that make or break relationship.

When there are issues in marriage and vanity of desires needs to be restored and rebuild, a consultation with marriage help professional is always advised before taking any drastic decision of life. By visiting a marriage counsellor, you are able to open your heart to the core and talk freely to the therapist, about your marital problems in details.

Our couple counsellor not only lends you a patient ear, but also gently guides you to unexplored paths that leads to friendship and joy.

Say No to problems in marriage - consult WowNow by mail at: connect@wownow.net.in . Or leave a message ‘Save my marriage’ on +91-7738357190 and we’ll be happy to connect to you.

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Discover each other in a new light For many more happy moments to come!

Marital Counselling Service in Mumbai

Marital Counselling

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It is such a terrific feeling. You feel ecstatic having finally found your soul-mate. For years you’ve contemplated the uncertainties of “Who will be a suitable partner for me?”,

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Marriage Counseling Services

How to Know if You Need Marriage Counseling

If you are unsure whether you should consider marriage counseling, here are some signs that you should look out for in your relationship:

  1. When the communication stops and there is distress in marriage (put simply, you are not talking to each other anymore)
  2. When you have communication issues in marriage (you may be talking but it is often in anger, tears or frustration)
  3. When you start keeping secrets (we all have small secrets we may keep to ourselves, but when this becomes a habit, it is worrisome)
  4. Marital Problems like when you feel tempted to cheat (if you’re feeling unwanted or unloved in your relationship, chances are you will look for it elsewhere)
  5. When you’re living separate lives (many couples are different as chalk and cheese, but there will be some or the other conflicts and disputes bothering peace of mind)
  6. You have problems in marriage, when your arguments take over every dinner and date (fights are good but too much fighting without constructive resolutions is not good at all)
  7. When you keep waiting for the other person to “change” (and this has become an unending process creating distress in marriage)
  8. You need marriage help when there is no intimacy (whether physical or emotional, reduced or no intimacy is a warning sign in any marriage. Intimacy releases the hormones that make us happy and satisfied, and hence is very important for survival!)

If even one of this sounds familiar, your first step should be to recognize that there is a problem.

Your second step? Do something about it!

We, at WowNow have the most reliable Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai. Our Couple Counsellor take one on one sessions for couples together and also work with them individually. Their experience, help marriage to restructure and rebuild. The marriage counselling therapist knows about the severity of issues in marriage. They have the training and resources to break through the problem areas and get things going.

Say No to problems in marriage - consult WowNow by mail at: connect@wownow.net.in . Or leave a message ‘Save my marriage’ on 7738357190 and we’ll be happy to connect to you.

Hitting a “dead-end” in any marriage or having issues in marriage does not mean that you will have to give up on the vows that you took a short-while or long-time ago. Before packing your bags and exiting the house that you made together with your better half -Stop and Think about the reasons that kept you awake all night, “is my marital life moving towards silence and separation”? ”Do I need help in my marriage”.

Go over both internal and external factors that affected your holy tie, “Is there too much interference from your in-laws in your personal affairs?” “Do you have an unresolved marital issue which you and your partner are not able to fix on your own without fights?”

Questions can be many and replies cannot be achieved by you all alone, you will need to reinstate the quality that made you fall head over heels for your beloved and that is communication.

Wait! Do not run for the hills, we at WowNow marriage counselling services want you to feel comfortable in any decision that you take but we do not want you to be rash in the process because regret is a feeling that no person should ever go through.

Things that you can expect from us

Letting your feelings out in front of marriage counsellor, whom you wanted to tell it in the first place will help you release all the tension and anger, and take off that heavy load of sentiments and disappointments that you must have been carrying around on your heart for months or perhaps years.

Our marriage counselling therapist will look at your situation from an objective perspective and make an attempt to get the answers to the many questions like “Why you feel ignored when your spouse is involved with only household affairs and kids?” “What makes you feel scared that your marriage has lost its meanings and is heading to divorce?”

Our chief tasks will be to help you explore, reflect upon and work together in resolving tough marriage problems.

Along with establishing communication between spouses, our couple counsellor will also get into some activities that will help revive friendship, laughter, and intimacy, the pillars which saves marriage.

All our marriage counsellor attempts will be to help you bring back that spark in your marriage and assist you in finding common grounds for sustaining the vow to spend your life with your spouse.

Rely on marriage counselling services because we will turn your marriage into a precious asset and pull it back from the lane, namely “the cause of your resentment”.

We know that when it comes to marriage one solution does not suit all couples, which is why getting personalized attention from our marriage help desk is something that you can always count on.

Keep in mind: The point when it gets hard is not when you end it, it’s when the real marriage journey really begins, and with our support, you will emerge out of it a stronger couple than you ever were.

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