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Healthy Relationship

Marriages are made in heaven, but to sustain your nuptial bliss over the long run, you need to work on your relationship. It is a well-known fact that communication is the key to every healthy relationship and marriage is no different. However, not everyone knows how to communicate or when to communicate and what to communicate. Words can hurt or heal, so expert help in this case especially from an experienced marriage counsellor can serve the purpose.

When to Consult a Marriage Counsellor?

You must be wondering when you should seek the help of a counsellor. The answer to that is simple, whenever you feel there is a situation where “you need to talk”. This does not always imply that you wait for situations to get negative. Here are some most common scenarios where couples go for marriage counselling.

Make a Good Start with Pre-Marriage Counselling

Every relationship including marriage needs a solid foundation. These can be the memories you create together while stepping into the new phase of life or building a strong understanding between the two of you or anything that connects the two of you. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy in building foundations for your relationship, so it would be better if you explore it yourself or seek guidance from an expert marriage counsellor.

Alleviate Yourself from the Emotional Burden

This is one of the most common situations when couples look for counselling. Marriages are a long-term relationship, which is why there can be instances when one or both the parties feel some sort of emotional baggage that needs to be eased off from time to time. This baggage can be a result of some underlying long-overdue conflict or some fresh disagreement regarding some important life decisions. No matter what the matter is if you or your spouse are going through a lean phase, counselling is the only way to get back to normalcy.

Revive Your Marital Bliss with All the Fun & Joy

When in marriage, one begins to realise that compromises as well as adjustments are a part and parcel of a nuptial relationship. So, both the spouses tend to spend most of their time as a stalemate, which does not have much conflict but also lacks the initial fun of marriage. It is understandable that one cannot have fun all the time especially due to numerous responsibilities. But, one must remember that it is only such fun moments that are preserved over the period in our memories. So, if you are looking to get back that enjoyment as it was in the initial days, get expert help from a marriage counsellor.

Marriage counselling is important, but seeking guidance from a credible counselor is equally important. So, if and when you plan to open up to any counselor, verify it properly beforehand. A novice counselor can do more damage to your marriage than not seeking any help can. So, it is advisable to only look for certified practitioners who are experienced enough to offer you counselling.