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Depression has such an effect on your relationship that you cannot even figure out that you have lost your bond with your partner. Things that happen when one of the partners is in depression are becoming impatient, short-tempered, naggy, etc. You start isolating yourself and do not want to go anywhere. You let yourself go and do things like not doing your hair, wearing a nice dress, gaining weight, etc. However, there are many solutions if you want your relationship to get back the way it was before.

Following are some of the factors that should be considered:

  • Taking Care: It is very important to take care of yourself while taking care of your partner. You should adopt some habits like maintaining a healthy diet, working out, sleeping enough, engaging in the activities that you enjoy, etc. Apart from it, you should be socially connected and spend some time in nature.
  • Research: You should educate yourself about depression and how it is caused. You should be well-aware of its symptoms and how it can be treated. You can seek the help of the doctor that treats your partner in order to find out some reputable sources to gain more information.
  • Facts and Fictions: There are many misbeliefs about depression. Do not believe what you hear. Do your own research and look for the facts. Suicidal thoughts generally come to a depressed person’s mind. Therefore, make sure you keep your knife, gun, drugs, alcohol, etc. away from your partner.
  • Support: You will have to be patient during the time your partner is going through the phase of depression. Sometimes, you might get angry and frustrated. But don’t let it grow. Instead, you can seek the help of a professional counsellor. For example, if you are a resident of Mumbai, you can find a relationship counsellor in Mumbai who can help you retain your relationship.
  • Show your love: A depressed person feels that he is a burden and doesn’t deserve any love. Therefore, you should always demonstrate your love by telling them how much you love them. Also, ensure that you are always there to support them in any situation.
  • Hope: You can also offer hope by reminding facts such as you, your children or your pet needs them. Try to explain how important they are in your lives and are unique and cannot be replaced at all.
  • Be always available: You must always be physically available when your partner wants to share their feelings. Make sure to give them an assurance of being available whenever they need you. Listen carefully when they shed their feelings and be very close to them.

Be Calm: There are some things that you used to do when things were normal. Please do not set the expectations that it will be the same until your partner comes out of depression. But you need to be very calm and patient in those times as a depressed person is annoyed and frustrated.