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How do Anxiety and Insecurity Affect relationships

Anxiety and insecurity are common mental health issues that so many people face today. It can affect their work or studies and can lead to further stress. Anxiety can slow down your productivity levels and can lead to overthinking.

But how does anxiety affect a relationship? It can kill a relationship when combined with feelings of jealousy and insecurity. You need to sit down and talk about your feelings to your partner to avoid further problems in the future.

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety will make two partners drift apart from each other.

Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists from Wownow works hard to help couples lead happy and fulfilling lives. Consulting a relationship counselor will do wonders for your relationship as they are professionally equipped to resolve such problems.

Signs that you are insecure in your relationship

Insecurity and anxiety can show up in various forms. You can easily observe your patterns of behavior and identify such signs to see if you are insecure in your relationship.

Given below are a few signs that you are insecure in your relationship:

1. You are over-attached to your partner

You have difficulty leaving them alone or struggle to do something without them.  People are constantly worried about where they are and what they are doing. Such signs of obsession and attachment show that you are insecure in your relationship.

2. Constant need for approval:

You seek your partner’s approval all the time to make sure that they are happy with your decisions. Depending on other people’s approval about certain things to please your partner can also mean that you are insecure.

3. You give up your own values and ideas:

When you are insecure in your relationship, you stay silent and defer to the ideas and opinions of your partner. You give them more space and make them feel like the bigger person giving up your own opinions and values.

4. You do not trust easily:

You constantly doubt your partner and stop trusting them. Panicking and lack of confidence are signs that you do not trust your partner.

Such episodes can further lead to more problems in the future if you do not communicate adequately with each other.

Effects of anxiety and insecurity in relationships:

Anxiety and insecurity can negatively affect a relationship and kill its quality. You become overly dependent on your partner looking for support and reassurance.

  • Seeking out constant communication and approval can make your partner irritated and can feel less motivated to connect with you.
  • You start over-thinking and planning for the worst-case scenarios.
  • Your lack of trust will cause miscommunications and misunderstandings and can even lead to separation.

You can always visit a counselor to combat anxiety and insecurity in a relationship. They will help you devise strategies on how you can be more confident and self-dependent.

You will then stop wanting your partner for everything and will rekindle the trust and love that you had lost.

Visit Wownow consulting center

You cannot afford to let your short and precious life be let down by minor conflicts and troubles in relationships. It is important that you heal your traumas by venting them out to yourself or to a loved one.

In case they cannot offer you a solution, we are always free to help you out with your relationship troubles.

A relationship consultant understands your issues better through counseling sessions and can provide adequate treatment and solutions. Our team revives the hope that you have lost in your relationship so that you fall in love all over again!

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