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Personality Differences

Most of the relationships are get complicated because of personality differences. Usually, people fall in love even if they are completely or somewhat opposite to each other. But with the flow of time, these personality differences may create disagreement on many things especially if you do not have a good understanding of your relationship. However, you can deal with these conflicts by doing the following things:

  • Building a Good Understanding: Couples should try to identify the similarities and differences between each other. This would help them understand the fundamentals of their relationship clearly. Moreover, being generous towards each other is another aspect that leads to compatibility in the relationship. Couples can accept each other’s thoughts only when they pick to see the differences as gifts. They should often compliment each other about the strengths and not criticise the shortcomings. Additionally, the notion that one’s personality is better than the other is an attitude that should be given up.
  • Maintaining Balance: We are most comfortable with our own personality and we tend to overuse it. This leads to the limitations in the relationship becoming stronger. For instance, in the relationship between an introvert and an extrovert, the introvert may seem to be non-communicative, while the extrovert may appear oppressive. But such people are going to marry each other, they need to act mature and tend to change their basic personality preference. This helps in making a personality balance and brings harmony to the relationship.

The acceptance of personality difference is a continuing process and hence, a part of the spiritual growth between each other.

  • Stop Complaining: When you stop complaining and start appreciating, things will eventually fall into place. When we keep on complaining about the habits of each other, things get worse and your relationship weakens. Therefore, it’s always better to be sweet to your partner and try not to use harsh words. Instead, replace it with affirmative words so that it doesn’t sound bad and the message is conveyed.
  • Resolve the small difference first: The small disagreements between the couples nurture into a big one. We need to sort out the smaller issues first, then only the relationship can be retained. When the small differences pile up and there is lack of communication, it creates a bigger problem for the couple. Communication is the key to sort out all the differences in your relationship. You need to be flexible and keep aside your ego and talk to your partner immediately to clear any doubts or confusion.
  • Counselling: When you are unable to sort out the differences in your relationship, you can seek the help of a counsellor. Couple counselling helps you when your relationship has gone through substantial damage. This would let you communicate about your differences and build your relationship again.

There are a few cases where you find a partner exactly the same as you are. It is very exciting and fun to have a partner who is somewhat different from you. You get to learn things from a different perspective and try things that you wouldn’t have done alone.