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Vaccinate Your Marriage Against Social Media Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken almost everyone across the globe. But, there’s a pandemic that’s older than COVID that is affecting marriage relationships.

We’re talking about social media.

This is not the only way social media affects your marriage. Spending hours on a social platform can also have its consequences.

Let’s understand in detail.

You or your spouse scroll your feed for hours. You see your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances “Living a Better Life.”

They might be posting videos and images of:

  • Their recent trip to an exotic location (Maldives, Europe, Vietnam, etc)
  • Grand celebration of a life event
  • Professional success parties
  • Purchase of costly stuff
  • Simply giving something to each other

The peer pressure you develop after checking such posts is something you need to be wary of.

Many individuals start to feel their partner doesn’t love them like the way couples express their love online. This can sow the seed of conflict.

One of the partners may start to feel their life is SAD. This happens when they think their partner isn’t FUN LOVING or COOL. Such feelings don’t fade away because browsing through social media doesn’t stop. Viewing more such stories will make the belief stronger.

In extreme cases, people start to feel they have married the wrong person.

Have you also been a victim of such circumstances? A lot of couples we meet for counseling are.

There’s another consequence of social media usage.

When you’re too active on a platform…you start spending less quality time with your partner. This prevents the chances of strengthening the bond with your spouse.

The love and affection start getting weaker over a period of time. You don’t even realize how the relationship has devolved after a few years.

And in many cases, suspicion and jealousy also increase if one of the partners is hooked to Facebook, Instagram, or any such sites.

It is, therefore, crucial to vaccinate your relationship from social media before it’s TOO LATE.

Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Restrict your usage to half an hour per day or less.
  • Don’t plan out outings just so that you can post them on social media
  • Understand that every couple’s life is different.
  • Also, understand that what’s shown on social media is 0.01% of the reality.
  • If you feel your partner is addicted to social media, discuss the same with them.
  • Plan out interesting activities with your spouse to decrease their dependency on those platforms.

You can always get support from a professional marriage counsellor. They help couples who are facing issues that arise due to social media. The right professional can save marriages that are on the verge of ending.

At WowNow, we also help couples save their relationships scarred by Facebook or other similar platforms. Feel free to check our website for more details: https://www.wownow.net.in/.

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