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Top Tips To Fix Your Marriage Issues In One Month

Anita was a happy and ambitious girl. Someone is always filled with energy and enthusiasm. But, this was all before her marriage.

Although she knew how to carry herself, she didn’t have expertise in handling relationships. And this is why she was a totally different person after 2 years of her marriage. This is when she met a marriage counselor who gave her multiple suggestions.

It took just a month to fix her marriage by applying those suggestions and tips. Want to know what those issues are?

Let’s have a look.

1. Give your partner space

That’s the toughest thing for couples. They feel so intermingled in each other’s life that the concept of giving space looks a bit alien. Asking them frequently “Where have you been?” is something to avoid. Frequent text messages and interrogations are other things to avoid.

A tip many couples follow is having a “Do Not Disturb” zone. This is a space in the house where one of the partners goes when he/she is not feeling okay. The other person does not disturb them at that time.

2. Tell them you’re always there

This especially comes in handy when they’re upset. Ask once what happened. If they’re not comfortable telling you at that moment, don’t nag them with repeated questions. Rather, tell them you are always there for them. That they can talk to them, share their feelings whenever they feel like. It develops a feeling of trust…something crucial for strengthening the bond.

3. Never “try” to win an argument

Almost every couple argues on something or the other. The mature ones understand that winning the argument is never the goal. If you end up in an argument, avoid focusing on defeating your partner. Focus on solving the issue that has caused the argument. It becomes equally important to understand their point of view. You will be surprised to see a positive change in your dynamics with your partner in a few days.

4. Avoid insulting them in front of others

It looks harmless in the beginning. Make fun of your partner in front of others. A little teasing is fine. But, insulting them using sarcastic remarks is a big No-No. They might not tell you, but most of the time, they don’t like it.

5. Find ways to spend more time together

A common practice is to go out at least once a week. But, many individuals prefer relaxing at home during weekends after a tiring week at the office. If your partner also feels the same way, try some fun activities at home. You can sign up for online counseling courses that you two can do together. Preparing meals together is also a good idea. Or, you can simply binge-watch a funny and light web series.

We hope these tips will help you reconnect with your partner and fix the issues. You can always connect with the team of WowNow to resolve specific issues in your marriage.