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chemistry vs compatibility what is important in a relationship

“I have good chemistry with my girl!

Their chemistry always makes me envious!”

We all have heard such lines among couples. And then there are those who talk about compatibility in the relationship.

So, what’s more important? And what exactly is the difference between these two concepts?

Let’s understand!

1. Chemistry in a relationship

We like to call it “SPARK” in the relationship. When you feel connected to someone, you have good chemistry with them. In a relationship, there are many signs that tell you that your chemistry is right with your partner.

  • Eye contact: Do you often make eye contact with them? If so, you’re connected with them. If there aren’t awkward silences, then also it’s a positive sign. You might have heard people saying “We don’t even need to talk when we’re together.” It’s the MAGIC of good chemistry,
  • Sharing same interests: Many relationships are made because of shared interests. The interests could be around movies, books, sports, business, traveling, or helping others.
  • Time flies with them: When your partner is like your friend, there’s hardly a dull moment. 90% percent of the time you look forward to spending time with him/her.

And yeah, chemistry is IMPORTANT.

2. Compatibility in a relationship

Compatibility is a more mature concept. If chemistry gives a thrilling experience, then compatibility gives you peace of mind.

It involves respecting each other. This means you don’t have to 100% agree with your partner’s ideas, viewpoints, and decisions. What’s important is, you respect what they think and feel. This respect helps in increasing the shelf life of the relationships. We meet many couples that have a great time with each other but don’t necessarily respect their partner’s viewpoints. The friction increases as time passes. And it results at the end of their marriage.

Compatibility is also about planning the future together. This involves aspects like finances, career choices, raising of kids, etc. When you both share similar values and ideas…you can easily plan the future together. Even if there are little conflicts, you both work to resolve them. And listen to our partner’s point of view. Something, we have discussed above.

3. The Verdict

A well-balanced relationship needs both chemistry and compatibility. It’s like having a wholesome meal. You need delicious starters (or good chemistry) and a satisfying main course (compatibility).

Oh! We missed the desserts. It’s taking care of your partner in those tough times of life.

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