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Lack of mutual understanding with your partner can cause divorce. When you don’t know what your spouse likes and dislikes, you tend to annoy them frequently. It is possible to avoid such situations by understanding more about them. You don’t have to ask questions – as it may result in resistance. A better way is to have regular discussions with your partner.

Have these sessions once a week. So, should you discuss this with each other? Let’s understand below.

1. Long-term career goals

More often than not, your partner is planning to switch careers. Either they are not happy with their current profession or believe some other domain has a promising future. Discussing the same gives a lot of insights. You can offer them valuable suggestions. It will also keep you on the same page if the new profession or the existing one requires them to go out of town for a long term.

2. Food and drinks preferences

It may look like a trivial discussion, but it can have a huge impact. Ask those couples who fight over what will be prepared on a daily basis. Of course, if you are married – you would be aware of whether they are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan. Digging a little deeper also helps a lot.

3. Their expectations from you

You like to buy a lot of gifts for them but they want something different and unique things. This is a tiny example of what happens when people don’t know what their partners expect from them. You are going to get surprised when they reveal their expectations of you. Trust us; it may be a little challenging session. But, it will help you both in the long run healthy relationship.

4. Your partner interest

Did you know a lot of people don’t know the interests of their partners, even after many years of marriage? This is quite frequent in arranged marriages. Learn as much about their interests as possible for marriage enrichment. For example, understand what type of movies and TV series they like. Where they like to travel more: mountains, oceans, plains, or all.

5. What irritates your partner

“I hate it when people don’t clean their bedrooms.” “I don’t like waiting at all.” These are common complaints people have after marriage. And they can turn into ugly fights if not resolved at the first step. This is why understanding what irritates your partner is so important.

The Bottom Line:

We hope discussing all these things will pave the way for a smoother married life. Keep checking this space for more insights from the world of marriage and relationships. For resolving relationship issues through marriage counseling services, consult with the team of WowNow.

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