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Keep Your Relationship Shielded

Social media was designed to strengthen your bond with people around you. At some level, it has been successfully doing that. But, if we talk about marriages, we see a different picture. A somewhat darker side of this modern communication tool.

The seeds of conflicts among couples are sown by social media sites — which end up in separations and divorces.

Let’s understand a few reasons behind this.

1. Partners give less time to each other

There was a joke running around among couples a few months ago, “I had to tag my wife in a Facebook post if I wanted to talk with her.” This harmless joke is slowly becoming a sad reality. People are spending more time on social media sites than with their partners. More often than not, one of the partners starts feeling left out. It can begin fights that turn ugly if not handled in the initial stages.

2. Unrealistic expectations develop among couples

Just scroll your Instagram feed for a few minutes, and you will see your timelines filled with people celebrating, partying, or holidaying. And it’s a natural tendency to compare your life with theirs. When it happens among couples, people start to think how dull and boring their married life is. One needs to realize people post online only 1-2% of what actually happens in their life. In reality, they might also be facing similar challenges.

3. People start doubting their partners

Who is he talking to? Why does that guy always like her posts? Such questions pop up in the minds of people when they see their partner’s profiles. They doubt if their partner is having some sort of affair online. A sense of jealousy can also develop. Some individuals go to the extent of hiring hackers to keep a track of their spouse’s account.

4. They start revealing a lot about their love life

Posting about your marriage and love life is great. But, it can become troublesome if you are doing it in excess. In many cases, a partner prefers more privacy. And in other cases, people start planning out things just so that they can post them on social media. The actual excitement of spending time together goes missing in such cases.

These are just a few instances of how social media hampers marriages. If you talk to the couples, you will realize everyone has his/her own unique story. This is why we always recommend couples to use social media in moderation. At the same time, engage and involve your partner more to avoid any scope of conflict.

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